Posted by: Kovács Péter | March 23, 2009

Will social media such as LinkedIn completely replace online jobsites or will complement each other?

A great question asked by a LinkedIn user not so long ago. And some of the answers:

“Sites like Monster . com are too big, while Linkedin allows us to communicate with those in our network directly, creating a better chance to find a job…”

“Web 2.0 applications will provide better communication with hiring authorities and job seekers. You can post jobs on MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. and actually find the HR or department manager, however sites like CareerBuilder and Monster intergrated with Bullhorn make it easier for recruiters to parse information and source directly within the CRM. So to answer you question I believe they will complement eachother.”

“I believe as Linkedin continues to grow, (because its core target is professionals) other portals, and job sites will begin to counter some of its innovative services, especially since it is free for the most part.
That being said, the entire concept of on-line networking is a dynamic and fastly changing spectrum. Take yahoo for example, now toying around with a similar thought of networking through their e-mail service (still a beta version with bugs). will not go away, I don’t think, for many reasons, one being that they have been debt free for many years now, and as you can see, their site features continue to evolve. It will be a challenge for them to continue and enter markets they have not established well. Hard to believe that this is also the case for Hotjobs, Careerbuilder, and some of the older, more established job boards as well.
In Canada, Monster and the other well known ones are not preferred sites, since the Canadian market launched their own versions some years ago. Linkedin is also not a well established brand here as well, so the boundaries and territories for LI, the monsters, and others are still to some degree in need to be passed with the success they have in the US and Europe.”

“From what I’ve seen, social media sites are definitely superior to job search sites. They provide a quicker link to hiring managers and a reference option that helps in the screening process.
However, job posters are now being overwhelmed with unqualified candidates coming through social media “connections,” just as they have with job sites. For social media to totally replace job sites, it will need to offer an effective way of dealing with this. It looks to only grow in scope as social media continues its web domination.”

My idea about it: Using social media for job-huntig or to look for potential employees needs more time to invest, while job-boards are more direct and cost money. I think these 2 technologies will not compete or complement but fuse each other sooner or later, as web 1.0 is going out of fashion…

Los Angeles Times columnist ‘Gregory Rodriguez’ explains how networking is the key to finding that next job. (CNN, 16th March 2009)

What do you think about it?

Before you answer, lets see what social networking is about:


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