Posted by: Kovács Péter | May 26, 2009

Apple Building $1 Billion Server Farm in North Carolina?


Apple Insider picked up a story from The Charlotte Observer that involved a lot of stuff about tax breaks and revitalizing certain counties, but we have to confess, all we really saw was:

Apple building $1 Billion Server Farm

Yeah, that’s like 1 dollar for every app download. Which made us wonder, is this building out and diversifying the location of infrastructure to help support the growth of existing “cloud-based” services like iTunes (including the App Store) and MobileMe, or does Apple have yet more on the agenda?

iTunes and MobileMe took a pounding when Apple released iPhone 2.0 last year. Turning on Push Notification for millions of users this year, never mind pie-in-the-sky future rumors of adding on-device movie and TV downloads for the iPhone will no doubt require the phatest of pipes. Could this also be just the beginning of Apple’s server farm planting as well? Or is it just a much-less-exciting redundant off-site mirror for current Cupertino based systems?


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