Posted by: Kovács Péter | May 31, 2009

Discover your VisualDNA

I have found an interesting self-assessment opportunity on the web.

There are 7 areas (personality, movies, love, travel, art, careers, mind) that you can discover about yourself by choosing pictures as answers to questions.  As the most relevant and interesting to me, I have fulfilled the careers and the personality queezes, and the outcomes were detailed enough to believe it was something more than a typical low-level facebook quiz.

To get your results you have to sign up (which is for free), or you can also use your facebook login details. In this case your result can be shared with your connections throughout your wall.

It says about the Careers quiz:

‘About our Advanced Personality Test
Finding that dream job or a career you’ll fall in love with is pretty tough. Inspiration could be just a quiz away though… Discover more about yourself using VisualDNA and see how you compare to the rest of the Youniverse community. Your job search ends here.

We’ve developed this thorough personality assessment with a leading occupational psychologist to cover six key life areas (emotions, intellect, dynamism, skills, optimism and context). At the end, the images you’ve chosen will create part of your VisualDNA and you’ll receive comprehensive feedback about your personality, including ideas for potential careers and jobs that match your personality, suggestions of areas for improvement and self-development opportunities. And the best bit is that for now at least, it’s FREE to take.
Maybe you’ve looked for careers advice, life coaching or psychometric assessments before, perhaps you’ve taken the Jung based Myers Briggs test, the Big Five or other psychometric tests, but our visual quiz will give you the profile and advice that you need to change your career in a positive way.

It’s our biggest and best quiz yet (we think, anyway), so take it and discover how your sub-conscious mind could give you insights into developing your career…’

When you go further and visit, you will find the business behind the whole concept.


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