Posted by: Kovács Péter | March 8, 2011

Head of Technology

Head of Technology

Our client is a young, but already successful web-based startup company with offices in San Francisco (US) and Budapest (Hungary). On behalf of them we are looking for an experienced professional to be the head of their technology, located in the Budapest office.

Technical challenges:

  • experience/understanding of Saas offerings
  • understands and can assess server solutions: rackspace (hosted), amazon (cloud) and knows how to build architectures that scale exponentially
  • experience/understand of multiplatform product development
  • experience in building strong development teams that combine the strength of developers, QAs and SysAdmins

Managerial challenges:

  • double the size of the team within a year
  • run a budget
  • ability to manage expectations of employees, executives, CEO and the board

Work culture:

The ideal candidate will be eager to share, discuss, exchange ideas and takes holistic responsibility for her/his tasks beyond deliverables and also will enjoy engaging in healthy discussion – questioning solutions and being questioned.


  • can impress their tech savvy developers by your technical skills
  • has very high integrity and high ethical standards
  • proven managerial experience (people focused, structured, great at managing expectations of employees/executives/CEO/Board)
  • international experience (can manage multicultural teams)
  • secure and confident
  • great negotiation/communication/conflict resolution skills
  • dedicated, not likely to jump from one random opportunity to the other
  • you don’t need to speak Hungarian, but English is a must
  • valid EU work permit is also a must

Tag cloud:

python, django, mysql, memcache, apache, action script, java, objective C, ipad, adobe air, socket server, load balancer, HA architecture, file servers, continuous development, continuous integration, distributed version control, test drive, scrum, agile, lean, object oriented, functional, design patterns, asynchronous programming, event based programming, code review, open gl, culling, distributed systems, cloud servers, asynchronous queues, performance test, system audit, log file processing, ip failover, monitoring, zero downtime, quick prototyping, selenium, junit, configuration management


  • truly international, fast-paced, highly creative environment
  • being the part of a great success story
  • downtown office that combines fun and professional work attitude, and someone will cook for you J

Contact: Peter Kovacs –; +36 1 688 6861



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